Workers compensation insurance is a state-mandated coverage program protecting both you, as an employer, and your employees if work-related injuries or illnesses occur. If you are a business owner and are looking for workers compensation insurance in Los Angeles, here are two facts you need to know:

Lawsuits are costly and employee work-related downtime from injury and accident can do serious financial damage to your business. Workers compensation insurance can provide protection to your employee in the form of medical care from occupational illness. This includes medications, surgery, physicians, and physical therapy. It may also pay for wages while the employee is recuperating after an on-site accident. If the unthinkable does occur, workers comp also covers funeral expenses. It may also offer a financial buffer of support to employee dependents.

You benefit from workers compensation insurance in Los Angeles by working with professionals who can not only resolve your claim quickly and competently, but also help you prevent employee accidents and injury with a risk and accident prevention assessment. This coverage also safeguards you from liability, so find out how you are protected by law and what your rights are.

Speak with a professional today to determine the type of workers compensation policy you and your company need. Remember, purchasing the insurance is a legal requirement that can greatly benefit your company should an accident ever occur.