Since marinas sit on the water, winter poses some interesting risks for them. The cold weather affects more than those in the northern states. Further south, businesses need coverage for marina dock to help protect against the risks posed by the harsh winter weather.


Ice in freshwater is different than that in seawater. When seawater lasts for more than one freezing season, it is more like brittle freshwater ice. The crushing strength of freshwater ice is higher than saltwater ice.


Beyond ice, supercooled water can instantly crystalize should it be disturbed. This means that it can block connections or cause vessels to instantly become stuck in ice. Supercooled water happens when the temperature drops quickly without surface ice forming. As referenced at, comprehensive insurance protection addresses many of the issues facing marina docks.


Each cubic foot of snow weighs about 20 pounds. While the added weight may only be temporary, it can cause problems for those electrical connections and utilities beneath the water. The dock system itself can twist and break under the added weight. A long snowstorm can extend the effects of the snow weight.

Understanding the effects of the winter weather can help you protect your marina. Have coverage for a marina dock that helps you protect your business from the unexpected.