Taverns and pubs are a growing enterprise in this country. They’re known for their great selections of alcohol and delicious high-quality, yet humble, cuisine. While owners of these establishments promote a relaxing atmosphere, incidents can occur that might be less than relaxing. From food-borne illness to hostile patrons, situations that seem small can become deprecating to your business, especially when lawsuits and settlement costs begin to play a part. Tavern insurance can keep your liability costs down and protect you from those worst case scenarios.

One concern that tavern owners should take into account is that many of these incidents may occur without any of your staff witnessing it. Someone might get sick hours after a meal, or a patron under the influence may get angry and leave the tavern to harm someone. If you’re unaware of what happens after a customer leaves the building, you may be taken by surprise when a complaint is issued. There are special policies that can protect you from these cases, so that you’re safe beyond incidents that happen within your walls.

Tavern insurance needs to include products and operations completed coverage, as well as liquor and assault coverage. There are many good reasons to protect your business, but if you own a specialty business like a bar or pub, then it’s crucial that your policy take these unique challenges into account to give you the coverage that you truly need.