Although gardening is one way that humans try to control Mother Nature, the thing is that she is the one who is ultimately calling the shots. If you are part of the cannabis industry and something were to happen to your plants, would you be prepared?

Insurance for a Greener Future

For all the labor and hard work that you’ve put into your ladies, how devastating would it be if they all wilted and died one day? Again, Mother Nature likes to remind us who’s boss, and plants do funny things sometimes. Investing in insurance coverage for greenhouses offers you peace of mind in case the worst were to happen. Some examples of coverage might include:

  • Protection against a power failure that prevents the cannabis from getting enough light/heat
  • Theft/robbery
  • Acts of God (or Mother Earth) that kill off the plants such as disease or infestation

Note that this kind of coverage usually applies to indoor greenhouses only; CannGen Insurance Services is a great resource if you’re looking for more information.

Although there’s always the risk of something happening to your crop, having the foresight to protect it can save your bacon in case of a disaster. Check out what kinds of insurance services are available to you as a farmer.