Hiring a DJ has become a popular option for providing entertainment at many kinds of events. Weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, and corporate events are great places for DJs. These entertainers can play music suited to the event, make announcements, and completely run the entertainment portion of the event. DJs use a lot of gear in their work and there is always a risk of damage to the equipment or injuries to a third party. DJs need insurance.

The Need for Coverage for DJs

A DJ gig is a lot more involved than just playing music. Many things can and do go wrong and this creates the necessity for DJ event insurance

  • DJs have speakers, amps, turntables, and often lighting that must be transported to and from a venue. There is plenty of risk of damage.
  • When people are at a party, they are often inattentive. There is the possibility of someone tripping over a cable or other piece of gear. In addition to damaging equipment, the person could become injured and file a lawsuit.
  • Damage to the event venue itself can also happen. Scratches to walls and floors are common when moving things in and out. This kind of damage can be expensive to repair.

Like any responsible business owner, a good DJ will have insurance coverage to protect against any problems during the gig that can cause damage or injury.