It seems straightforward enough: Taxi drivers are supposed to pick up fares and relay them to their stated destination. However, there are times when doing that will seriously inconvenience a driver or possibly put them or the rider in harm’s way. Here are some times when a driver can — and cannot — refuse a fare.

Driver Rights

Being a service provider doesn’t mean you have to accommodate everyone all the time. As a taxi driver, you have the right to turn down fares that:

Come in at the very end of your shift

  • Are carrying anything that might damage your vehicle
  • Refuse to stop eating, drinking, or smoking
  • Will take you outside of your service area
  • Act disruptively

Passenger Rights

Taxi passengers also have rights and should be made to feel safe and respected during their rides. They have the right to:

  • Have  the radio or temperature adjusted
  • See the rate calculator and driver ID during a ride
  • Specify the route the driver takes
  • Have a wheelchair loaded into a taxi if it is an accessible vehicle

Just because you hail a cab, it does not mean you are guaranteed a ride. At the same time, a driver can only refuse service under certain circumstances. Both drivers and passengers should know and understand their rights when it comes to taxis.