College town pizza places try to differentiate themselves from one another with special sauces, coupon gimmicks and more. One thing they all have in common, however, is the right hired and non owned automobile insurance policies.

These policies, when combined, allow a business owner to rest easy knowing his employees who are on the road and in the field are protected from unexpected eventualities. It also helps manage the company’s overall liability exposure, especially when employees use their own vehicles, for example, when they are delivering pizza.

What’s the Difference?

Both hired and non-owned auto policies are liability products that protect businesses and employees if, while driving on the job, they damage another vehicle or property. Don’t mistake this for collision insurance, which will pay for those damages. Liability coverage helps when someone claims you were negligent and sues you. So what’s the difference?

Hired auto insurance helps protect your business when, for example, you rent – or hire – a car for an employee to use. Make sure your employees know that it doesn’t protect the employee from liability if they cause an accident.

Non owned automobile insurance will help pay legal fees if someone sues your company because of an accident caused by an employee while driving his vehicle on the job. Similar to hired auto insurance, this liability coverage protects the business. The driver’s personal liability insurance should protect him.