Every boat owner needs to be mindful of vessel pollution. Whether you’re a commercial vessel operator or you own a boat that you use for recreational purposes, pollution could pose a serious and costly problem.

Understand the Causes and Effects of Vessel Pollution

A leak can occur as the result of an accident involving negligence or a mechanical oversight, but it can also occur in the absence of any wrongdoing due to simple equipment failure. The most common forms of vessel pollution are oil and fuel leaks. Vessel operators have to take immediate action after a spill has occurred to mitigate the extent of the damage.

Protect Yourself From Liability

It’s imperative that vessel operators who are responsible for cleaning up after a spill have the resources to do so effectively. Cleaning up pollution in the water can be extremely labor-intensive, and the way that cleanups are conducted is subject to numerous regulations. An insurance policy that covers these types of events can help pay for cleanup and also cover third-party claims for vessel pollution liability.

If you need insurance to cover vessel pollution, reach out to an insurer that specializes in this area. They can help you build a policy that addresses your risk exposure and provide valuable guidance about how to manage a spill.