If you have been to a gun range or shooting facility recently, then you know how important safety measures are. One key aspect of range safety that you may not immediately see is a comprehensive insurance package. If you operate a range, you should be aware of a few things that can impact your gun club liability insurance options.

Factors That Impact Gun Club Insurance

There are numerous factors that affect what policy you will ultimately choose. These include:

  • Type of firearms allowed on the range: From revolvers to automatic rifles to shotguns, there is a wide range of firearms whose risks you might need to account for in your policy choice.
  • Location of the facility: Do you have an indoor or outdoor facility? The answer to that question can play a major role in what type of coverage you need.
  • On-site retail stores: If you operate a pro shop or retail store, you want to ensure the contents of that facility. You may also need protection for property that could be an easy target for vandals or thieves.
  • Liability limits: How much coverage you need will almost always influence the policy price. Most gun clubs secure at least $1 million of liability coverage, although many choose higher amounts. This covers not just firearm injuries, but also much more common slip and fall accidents.

You’ll have a lot of considerations when choosing a policy. Working with an insurance company that is familiar with outdoor and shooting sports can help you secure the right coverage at a reasonable rate.