Volunteers can be just as valuable to an organization as paid employees. They can also pose just as much financial risk. Luckily, programs such as the nonprofit volunteer insurance coverage from VIS exist to protect organizations from loss. Here are some risks that volunteer insurance covers.


Insurance protects against financial loss when a volunteer is guilty of theft or dishonest representation of your organization. Without coverage, you could be held liable for missing funds or be required to pay court costs for litigation.

Volunteer Liability

If a volunteer intentionally or unintentionally causes personal harm or property damage, volunteer liability insurance covers the costs. It also pays for legal representation of volunteers accused of sexual harassment or assault.

Personal Injury

Medical treatments after a serious injury can be financially devastating for both the volunteer and the organization. Purchasing volunteer medical insurance is the best way to protect both parties.

Automobile Accidents

Your organization risks liability whenever a volunteer drives to and from work or uses a personal vehicle for work-related activities. Excess automobile liability insurance provides coverage in case they are at fault in an accident.

You pour time, training, and energy into your volunteers. Be sure you also invest in the financial protection they need by providing volunteer insurance.