Oil and Gas is an important industry to New Mexico. In fact the state has been a major producer of oil and gas since the 1920s. This is why NM oil and gas insurance is so important for those working in the industry.

Importance to New Mexico

The oil and gas industry has been very important to New Mexico’s economy for many years. With an estimated 15-20 percent of state revenue coming from this industry, those involved may want to ensure they have the best coverage available.

Various Options

There are a number of steps to process involved in obtaining oil or gas. Each of these steps could potentially involve a different insurance plan. It’s often considered best to start by looking at plans designed for the particular process you want to cover and then see what additional coverage is available. Coverage options may be available for pumping, workers compensation, trucking, tong and casting, general liability, and more. A professional can help you select the right coverage plans for your needs.

With a wide range of industry fields, NM oil and gas insurance options depending on a company’s needs. From commercial liability to workers compensation plans can very. If you have any questions on choosing the right plan for your company needs a professional can help.