Do you own a jewelry store?  If you only have standard jewelers insurance, you may not have you have all the protection you need.

Why Isn’t Standard Jewelers Insurance Enough?

Standard jewelers insurance policies provide coverage for smaller businesses and insure up to $250,000 of inventory. This policy covers the loss of jewelry items from your storefront. While it does provide protection for travel, shipments, and property within the custody of dealers, you could be exposed to risk in too many situations.

What is Jewelers Block Insurance?

Jewelers block coverage is far more comprehensive.  Designed for larger businesses, block policies have no maximums and cover full inventories. Block policies also require that you have maintained security systems within your business and continually updated inventory lists, enabling your insurance company to fully cover all aspects of your business.

What Other Protections Does Jewelers Block Insurance Offer?

Block insurance can often protect against losses not covered under standard liability policies, including issues like employee theft, armed robbery, fire, smoke damage or vandalism. It can also protect loss of items being held that are not inventory, such as consignment items or items being repaired.

To see if a jewelers block policy is right for you, contact your trusted insurance provider for an evaluation of your current policies and to discuss whether additional coverage is warranted.