Working as a contractor might give you more control over how and when you work, but you’re also responsible for making sure that all of your work is covered by Connecticut contractors insurance. In order to protect yourself against liability, you need to make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage.

Connecticut contractors insuranceLiability Coverage

 As a working contractor, you take the risk of sustaining an injury or damaging property. By adding liability coverage to your Connecticut contractors insurance policy, you can protect yourself from getting hit with a serious and expensive lawsuit and other legal or financial damages. You can customize your liability insurance coverage to suit the individual risks associated with your profession. In the event that you ever have to use your liability coverage, you’ll have to pay the insurance deductible while the insurance company pays for the rest of the damage.

Structural Damage and Injury

 Whenever you’re completing a contracting job in someone’s home, there’s the chance that you might damage their property, accidentally breaking a valuable object, for example. With structural damage coverage, your policy will pay to either replace or repair the object or piece of property that was damaged.

 Injury is something else to be careful of when it comes to working job sites on high scaffolding and in dangerous conditions. If an injury were to occur on a job site, liability insurance will help pay for medical bills or legal costs and damages in case the person who was injured seeks to press charges.

Talk with a licensed and experience insurance agent about Connecticut contractors insurance today to make sure that you’re fully covered.