A construction site is a dynamic place, full of workers, tools and materials. A builders risk policy in New Jersey is designed to protect an operation while the construction is taking place. It is ideal for both small contractors and large commercial firms.

Buildings Under Construction

Individual builders risk policies vary and can be customized to deliver the coverage that a business needs. They all protect structures that are currently under construction from potential damages. Policies will generally cover damages related to fires, theft and storms. Some policies cover losses due to wind and flood as well.


Materials may need to be left at a job site for future use. If these materials become damaged beyond use, companies can face hefty costs to replace them. A builders risk policy in New Jersey will cover materials that are intended for future use in the construction of a building. Even those materials that are damaged in transport to the site may be covered as well.

Other Coverage

There are other potential financial loses that can be incurred while a project is in the construction phase and can be included in a builders risk policy. Some potential risks are additional costs due to delays, change in ordinances or laws or penalties from financiers.

Builders risk policies are a great way for construction contractors and companies to protect themselves from financial loss during the construction process.