Working in the hospitality industry can be a rewarding occupation. You get to help other people unwind, get away from their troubles, and celebrate their special moments. However, that doesn’t mean that the hospitality industry doesn’t involve a lot of hard work, and being in the business of leisure has specific risks that go along with it. It may be overwhelming to look for hospitality insurance in Albuquerque, but here are some of the areas you should be looking at specifically.

Garage Keepers

If you have a garage or parking ramp on your property where your customers park their cars, you may need garagekeepers insurance, which covers damage or theft of the customer’s vehicle while it was in your care. For example, if you have valet parking and one of your valets were to crash a customer’s vehicle into a parking pylon, your garagekeepers policy would cover the ensuing penalties.

Liquor Liability

Under ordinary circumstances, a person who gets into a fight or injures another person in a car accident is solely responsible for the resulting damages. However, in the event that the perpetrator has been drinking, the facility that served the alcoholic beverages can also face civil or criminal charges. That’s why most US states require liquor liability insurance from establishments that sell alcohol.

While the hospitality industry can be enjoyable, it is hardly all play. In fact, it’s precisely when other people are having fun and not being careful that accidents can occur. That’s why it’s so important for you to obtain hospitality insurance in Albuquerque.