While there are some forms of insurance that are purchased by almost every business, like general liability coverage, most are incredibly situation-specific. That means that while there might be twenty or so common coverage types for businesses generally, a specific company probably does not need every product out there. In fact, it’s pretty common for smaller businesses to need just a few additional coverage options beyond general liability that relate to employment insurance and professional liability. This is why it is vital that you find someone who is ready to tailor your business insurance coverage to your business.

Comprehensive Policies Save Money

You can buy each type of insurance you need from a specialized provider, but that makes your insurance review and upkeep a hassle. It also creates a lot of opportunities for gaps in coverage while it increases the risk you will overpay by having coverage overlaps you do not need.

If you find a single provider who can offer you everything from directors’ and officers’ insurance to commercial vehicle coverage, that makes it a lot easier to be sure you have everything while duplicating nothing. It also reduces you to a single point of contact when it’s time to renew or update your policy, and that makes life a lot easier for your administrative team.