Along with the senior population, the demand for in-home medical services is on the rise – many agencies are busier than ever before. An increase in business volume is often accompanied by a higher risk of being presented with a liability claim; there is always chance that one of the caregivers will inadvertently cause damage or be involved in an accident while in a patient’s home. For professionals and organizations in the home healthcare industry, financial protection against litigation is important to consider. Insurance for home healthcare providers covers incidents that other types of policies tend to leave out.

In general, professional liability insurance does not address malpractice claims; but neither do most malpractice policies protect against physical property damage. Those who work in a patient’s home should be insured for any legal situation in which they may be found liable. For comprehensive coverage, instead of bearing the expense of maintaining several different types of insurance policies, having one policy that covers it all could prove more cost-effective. Insurance for home healthcare workers is a single policy that serves as a hybrid of different kinds of coverage, addressing the unique and complex risks those in the at-home medical care industry tend to face; it is designed to be an all-in-one alternative that is comprised of the insurance features which are most important to those who provide healthcare in homes.