Recent years have seen a boom in regards to how many people are using cannabis and its byproducts. While CBD oil has gotten a lot of the attention, plenty of individuals and companies are looking toward Rick Simpson cannabis oil, also known as RSO. Though it sounds like a specific brand, RSO is actually the name of the extraction process. Many claims have been made about the benefits of this oil.

RHO Uses

Though further studies need to be conducted, many reports suggest that RSO has a number of health advantages. While these claims range from reducing cancerous cells to improving the symptoms of anxiety, the most consistent claim is that the oil is useful for treating various forms of inflammation.


According to experts, Rick Simpson cannabis oil is a process that requires improvement. A number of faults have been found with the way the extraction occurs. Another process, KHO, seems to be preferable for many.

The purported reasons for this include:

Extensive lab testing
Oils made specific for each strain
Composed of the cannabis flower, not just trim

Knowing which extraction process is right for you is all about doing your own research. Learn about the advantages of disadvantages of both KHO and Rick Simpson cannabis oil in order to make the right decision for your specific needs.