Many businesses produce, sell, or distribute goods and services. If you are involved in any part of that process, and one of the products is faulty, you can be held responsible.

Products liability coverage can help protect you in the case a claim is filed against your business. It provides coverage for expenses incurred when another party claims a product you had a part in bringing to market caused them injury, death, or property damage. Here are some examples of businesses that should consider products liability coverage.


Plumbers, electricians, and construction workers are a few examples of professions that perform work in people’s homes. If the work is completed incorrectly and leads to bodily harm or death, the policy would help cover legal costs.


If your business is making a product that will go to market, mistakes can occur. Products liability insurance would cover lawsuits resulting from design flaws or any issues that cause a customer harm.

Stores and Distributors

Even if you are selling a product you had no part in making, you can be held responsible if it turns out to be faulty. Liability insurance will protect you if the product causes harm or damage.

A trusted insurance provider can help you obtain proper products liability coverage to protect your business and its role in the supply chain.