When workers are injured on the job, they suffer physical harm, while at the same time their employer suffers an economic one. A claim against an employer’s workers comp coverage in California can raise the employer’s rates for three years or more. By far the best option for both parties is to avoid the injury in the first place.

Make Safe Workplace Practice the New Normal

The best way to avoid workplace injuries is by creating a culture of safety, where a safe, healthy work environment is treated as one of the business’s essential outputs.

  • Start at the top with the management team. Supervisors need to go beyond lip service and set an example through everyday action.
  • Focus on executing, and rewarding, safe practices, not just punishing bad ones.
  • Clearly identify the right (safe) way to do every task and periodically check that people are following through.
  • Set incremental goals for the organization. The ultimate goal is zero claims, but you might have to start with something smaller but still tangible, like identifying and improving a risky area of operation.
  • Make smart use of technology wherever possible, so you can track behavior and outcomes as closely as possible.

No one wants a workplace injury. By combining a robust body of safety data with new technology and proven management techniques, you can exert more control over whether they happen and avoid more workers’ comp claims.