As a homeowner, you know the importance of carrying homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance offers financial protection from events that damage your home. Events such as fire, windstorms, and vandalism are typically covered, whereas events such as earthquakes and floods are generally excluded. As a resident of New Jersey, you know the possibility of a flood damaging your home is high. In the past decade alone there were three hurricanes that brought heavy rains and flooding. If you aren’t convinced that you should purchase flood insurance in NJ, here are the top three reasons flood insurance should be a part of your financial strategy:


1. Coastal Flooding


Whether your home is located by the coast or further inland, the potential for coastal flooding is possible for all areas in the Garden State. Hurricane Gloria in 1985 brought substantial coastal flooding, as well as Hurricane Irene in 2011, and Hurricane Sandy in 2012.


2. Rainfall Flooding


The potential for significant rainfall flooding is another reason to purchase flood insurance in NJ. In 1999, Hurricane Floyd delivered over eight inches of rain in more than half of the 21 counties of New Jersey.


3. Overflowing Rivers and Lakes


Flood insurance in NJ also covers damage to your home that is caused by overflowing rivers and lakes. New Jersey is home to at least 14 rivers and five lakes. If your home is located near one of these bodies of water, there is always a possibility of flooding.


As you can see, your home in New Jersey is at high risk for flooding. Contact an insurance agent to determine which type of flood insurance policy is right for you.