If it’s been a while since your business revamped its employee benefit package, you may be wondering what to include in the package’s next iteration. Before you finalize your plans, make sure to take these top perks and insurance types into consideration for inclusion in the package.

Consider Providing Employer-Sponsored Insurance Plans

One of the most important benefits you can provide your employees is employer-sponsored insurance. If you don’t already include some sort of insurance plan as part of your standard benefits package, you may want to add in some of the most commonly sought-after insurance types to help draw in top talent.

  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Vision and dental insurance

Include a Range of Popular Modern Perks To Sweeten the Deal

Beyond the basics, your company may want to include a number of other modern perks to help sweeten the deal for current and would-be employees. For example, many employees enjoy receiving extra paid time off. Some additional benefits you could add in include:

  • Gym memberships or discounts
  • Unlimited sick leave or paid time off
  • Office snacks and other refreshments
  • Regular company retreats

If your company is in the process of putting together an upcoming employee benefit package, make sure to include both critical insurance and some popular perks. This checklist can help make the process as simple as possible.