You may think rental insurance isn’t necessary. You are not alone. Many renters share that belief. One reason for this is the lack of understanding of Florida renters insurance programs. These policies are essential for protecting your financial well-being against unforeseen risks. Once you get past the common myths about dental coverage, you will see why having a policy is important.

My Stuff Doesn’t Need Coverage

You may think your personal property isn’t worth much. The fact is everything ranging from high-end items to second-hand possessions have value. What if your clothes, furniture or electronic items are stolen or damaged? The total cost for replacement can tally up to thousands of dollars. Renters insurance can help you recoup your losses.

My Landlord’s Insurance Is Enough

The landlord insurance doesn’t cover your personal belongings. The landlord’s policy protects the building, not what is in your living space.

Application Process Is Too Lengthy

You can buy renters insurance faster than you can a homeowners policy. With many Florida renters insurance programs, you can buy coverage within 30 minutes.

A renters policy offers you protection and a peace of mind. Don’t let myths or misconceptions dissuade you from safeguarding your personal assets. Work with a reputable agent. By doing this, you can get customized coverage quickly and easily.