In the home healthcare industry, you offer a vital service to those who need nursing care in the comfort of their homes. To protect your business and your patients, you need to determine which home healthcare insurance programs are best for you. Here are the most common claims against home healthcare providers.

Abuse or Negligence

Even if you do not believe the allegations, if one of your staff members is accused of abuse or negligence, this is a serious claim. It can have devastating results when it comes to the money you have to pay for your defense but it can also cost your firm its reputation.

Medication Errors

Medication errors are among the most common that your firm could experience a lawsuit because of. Generally, these errors do not occur purposely. For example, a person may forget to administer medicine when scheduled or he or she may give the wrong dosage. Any mistakes with medication can be harmful and potentially fatal to the patient.

General Negligence

A home care firm may face legal action from perceived or actual negligence. If a patient suffers harm because of a staff member’s actions, it is not only the staff member that faces financial loss. The facility can be accused of negligent screening, supervision, training and more.

Understanding the most common claims against healthcare providers is the best way to determine what kinds of protection you need. Most home healthcare professionals require general liability, professional liability and other tailor-made liability coverages.