If you just bought a home, there are going to be a lot of things you need to remember—an appraisal, inspection, and possibly some remodeling work needs to be done. One thing that you should take very seriously and not let slip through the cracks is getting a great homeowners insurance policy in place. Here are just three very important tips for buying the right Connecticut home insurance policy.

Know What Your House Is Worth

One of the most fundamental elements of your homeowners insurance policy is your home’s replacement value. Although there are many more factors that you need to consider, knowing what your home is worth before you get on the phone with a prospective insurance agent is essential so that you can get the best rate in case your home is counted as a loss and needs to be wholly replaced.

Do Not Decide on Price Alone

When you are shopping for Connecticut home insurance, one crucial tip is to never make your decision based solely on the best price. The best price might not get you the best customer service when you need to file a claim.

Ask for Discounts

Not all Connecticut home insurancepolicies are created equally. Some agencies are going to give you higher prices than others. Regardless of what premium you are quoted, make sure to ask about the discounts available. Not every company is always going to just disclose what these discounts are right off the bat, so it is essential to ask.