Any agency that places workers into temporary employment positions needs to have business savvy, patience, and of course, the right kind of staffing insurance. This important insurance provides for temporary employees what normal business insurance provides for permanent workers. There are three important features of this insurance that you should seek when building your company’s policy.


1. Risk management


In order to avoid claims in the first place, risk management needs to be an essential aspect of your insurance policy. In order for risk management to be effective, it must be implemented immediately. Save money by avoiding the preventable claims with exceptional risk mitigation.


2. Claims response


Although staffing insurance is not a type of insurance many businesses are familiar with, it still requires 24/7 claims response availability. This allows the employees to receive the full benefits of the insurance even after normal business hours are over.


3. Comprehensive coverage


The actual coverage is the final and most important aspect of purchasing the right insurance. Every insurance policy is different which means that yours may require one or more type of liability coverage. Some of the options include:


  • Stop gap
  • Umbrella
  • Marine
  • Employee benefits
  • Professional


Choose the best staffing insurance policy first and make sure the workers you place are completely covered for the “just-in-case” times. Look for an insurance policy that is customizable and ready to meet all of your business’s risk needs.