The first thing you should consider when seeking out yacht insurance quotes is the age and size of your vessel. If it is over 10 years of age and 27-feet-plus, you may be required to secure a marine survey. You should also take into account the following.

The Yacht

The yacht itself must be covered from bow to stern to protect it against accidents, theft, vandalism, and weather. In addition to hull coverage, you should make certain you insure the

  • Electronic entertainment and navigation equipment
  • Radar
  • Relaxation tubs and water features
  • Satellite TV, phones, and equipment

In addition, your yacht may seep oil or other pollution into the water, and you will be liable for it. Get a quote for insurance protection against this.


If you have a crew, you need to look into commercial coverage. A crew may turn your yacht from a personal vessel to a commercial one. You should also protect your passengers and yourself, including

  • Belongings everyone brings on board
  • Emergency assistance in the event something happens on the water
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Protection and indemnity against damages, injury, and medical expenses

Look for a carrier who can insure you worldwide if you’re really feeling ambitious.

Include all of this and more when you seek out yacht insurance quotes. You can never be over-insured in your luxurious vessel.