Most people look online to find companies to buy from or use their services. However, having a website comes with its own risks, just like having a brick-and-mortar store. Hackers can get into your site and steal customers’ information, deface your site or send out harassing emails to customers, just to name a few things.

General liability insurance does not cover cyber-attacks, so you need a special policy to cover your online presence if you do not want to pay large sums out-of-pocket to cover the costs. If you were unsure whether to buy this insurance, here are a few reasons why you should invest in cyber risk insurance in Indiana.

  • Public relations fees: You will either need to hire a firm or use your own resources to try to fix your public image after a damaging attack.
  • Credit card tracker: You want your customers to feel safe after the attack, so you will have to pay to monitor their cards to ensure the hacker does not use them.
  • Investigation costs: Your site has been compromised, but you still have to find out where the breach came from, which costs even more money.

This specialty insurance helps protect your company from costly expenses in the event of a cyber-attack, so if you want to take care of your business, find cyber risk insurance in Indiana today.