If you live in CA and are the owner of a cannabis business, you know that there are a lot of things you have to do to keep your business running smoothly.  There are a certain amount of risks involved with running any business, but this is especially true when it comes to running a cannabis business.  A big part of this is having the right insurance coverage.  Luckily, there are many options available as far as cannabis insurance for CA companies goes.

Why Do You Need Cannabis Insurance?

When you are the owner of a cannabis business, it is vital that you have insurance for a number of reasons.  First, you are required by law to have a certain amount of insurance coverage.  Whether you want to obtain additional coverage is up to you but it definitely doesn’t hurt.  Having coverage that protects your product, your liability, and your loss of income can be a lifesaver.  Many things can happen to the business that can cause you to lose money including:

How Much Does Cannabis Insurance Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed amount that cannabis insurance can cost.  The price of your plan can vary depending on many things like the amount of coverage you want, the amount of inventory you have, and the overall size of your business.

Running a cannabis business in CA is not particularly easy.  Having a good insurance plan can make a huge difference.