Every business must assess its current level of exposure for premises liability claims and implement an effective risk management plan. It is imperative that they procure comprehensive premises liability insurance. This vital coverage can address claims by individuals who sustain bodily injuries while they are present at a business’ property.

Duty of Care

The foundation of the legal concept of premises liability is rooted in the concept of a duty of care. All property owners have a duty to maintain their properties in a way that prevents hazards which could cause injury. This duty is particularly important for businesses who open their doors to the general public.

Even businesses that do not accommodate customers onsite could potentially face a claim for premises liability. Employees, guests, or vendors could suffer an injury while onsite at a business.  In essence, most businesses will likely need coverage for premises liability.

Examples of Breaches of the Duty of Care

Examples of oversights in maintenance may include failure to keep an area free of trip hazards or not remedying loose railings. If a company knows of these types of conditions or should have known of them, their inaction can result in a legal claim.

Businesses’ commercial insurance packages should include a policy that covers premises liability. This coverage can protect a business against serious liability.