As the owner of a small business here in the Sunshine State, you face certain exposures if a claim of bodily injury, property damage, or any type of personal injury results from your daily operations. During your daily routine anyone you come into contact with, from clients and customers, to vendors, contractors and others that serve your interests or purchase your products, could bring a lawsuit against you.

Anyone of these individuals could determine that a claim is in order when they feel that your company was somehow responsible for an injury or loss they have experienced. When this requires a defense against claims of property damage, bodily injury, libel, slander, or some other legal issue, having commercial general liability insurance in Florida will provide you with the coverage needed to mount a defense.

Getting a commercial liability policy for your company

Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance protects small business owners from many types of claims related to your business activities. If you own a sole proprietorship or run a multinational business you will still need to have coverage. Search for an insurer with a breadth and depth of expertise that will protect you and your employees if ever involved in a lawsuit. Keep in mind that you can be sued for anything from someone slipping and falling in your parking lot, to injuries resulting from using a product you produce, and your general liability insurance in Florida covers expenses related to out-of-court settlements, litigation, and court judgments.

Having the proper amount of coverage in place can make a significant difference when you are faced with a significantly large settlement payment. A CGL insurance policy can help protect your business by providing the financial resources necessary to keep you operational when unexpected events lead to a serious financial strain on your business.

It’s actually rather common for companies to become involved in a lawsuit at one time or another. Even with the best-trained employees, with safety being a priority and everyone being careful to take the necessary precautions in their daily duties, there’s always the possibility that something bad might happen. Protect your business and your interests with a policy designed to address most liability concerns.