What You Should Know About Vessel Pollution

Every boat owner needs to be mindful of vessel pollution. Whether you’re a commercial vessel operator or you own a boat that you use for recreational purposes, pollution could pose a serious and costly problem.

Understand the Causes and Effects of Vessel Pollution

A leak can occur as the result of an accident involving negligence or a mechanical oversight, but it can also occur in the absence of any wrongdoing due to simple equipment failure. The most common forms of vessel pollution are oil and fuel leaks. Vessel operators have to take immediate action after a spill has occurred to mitigate the extent of the damage.

Protect Yourself From Liability

It’s imperative that vessel operators who are responsible for cleaning up after a spill have the resources to do so effectively. Cleaning up pollution in the water can be extremely labor-intensive, and the way that cleanups are conducted is subject to numerous regulations. An insurance policy that covers these types of events can help pay for cleanup and also cover third-party claims for vessel pollution liability.

If you need insurance to cover vessel pollution, reach out to an insurer that specializes in this area. They can help you build a policy that addresses your risk exposure and provide valuable guidance about how to manage a spill.



There’s Insurance for That

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of finding the right insurance solution for your needs? You’re not alone. A quick check of insurance companies in San Pedro reveals a broad array of insurance coverage types. Most people are familiar with the more common types of insurance, such as life, health, auto, homeowners, and renters coverage. However, there are far more offerings of insurance plans to be found.

 It’s Not Personal, It’s Business

Business insurance can cover nearly every aspect of a company’s operations:

  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Commercial property insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Key staff insurance

 It’s Not Business, It’s Personal

If you’re interested in covering aspects of your personal life, there are insurance products for that as well:

  • Disability insurance
  • Long term care insurance
  • Funeral or final expense insurance

 It Isn’t Personal or Business — It’s Special

In addition to the types of insurance listed above, companies offer insurance products for a wide variety of specific needs, such as those identified below:

  • Insurance for vehicles used in TV shows
  • Insurance against being abducted by aliens
  • Insurance for various body parts

There are dozens of scenarios in which the appropriate insurance coverage can provide peace of mind and financial protection. Insurance companies can help you in your search for the right product.


Why You Need Professional Liability Coverage

As a business owner, you are likely aware that you need a solid business owner’s policy. Another good type of coverage to have is a liability. General liability may be able to cover accidents on your property, but don’t stop there. Professional liability insurance can cover legal issues that occur when clients suffer negative effects from the advice or services you offer.

Problems Covered

There are several ways that clients can lose money or suffer other damages as a result of the actions of your company. Professional liability insurance provided by Axis may cover some of the legal costs associated with various allegations:

  • Good faith breaches
  • Faulty advice
  • Negligence
  • Misrepresentation

Assets Covered

Professional liability not only protects your corporate assets but also your personal ones. By covering legal fees and possible damages awarded to the plaintiff, it protects you from having to dip into personal savings or take out a second mortgage on your home to pay these expenses.

Reputation Covered

When you are sued, that process can negatively affect your company’s reputation. With professional liability coverage, you can handle your legal problems more efficiently, protecting your company’s name in the process.

Having a great BOP is an essential expense, but adequate liability coverage can be just as important. When legal issues arise, you will likely be glad you have it.


The Benefits of a Good Group Life Policy

Protecting your employees involves a few basics, such as strong safety protocols, workers’ compensation and good health insurance. Another way to take care of them is with group life insurance coverage.

Protection Options

Your insurance company may be able to design a group life plan that works best for your employees. According to, the two main options for a group policy are term and whole life. There are several questions you can ask your agent to find the coverage that works best for your company:

  • How are the proceeds paid?
  • Who covers the premium?
  • What is the benefit amount range?
  • Does the policy offer optional benefits?

Morale Improvement

When you offer life insurance to your employees, you send the message that you not only care what happens to them but also to their families. This can boost company morale, particularly if the work your employees do has the potential to put them in danger.

Recruitment Potential

Life insurance benefits make you more attractive as a prospective employer. You are more likely to draw talented candidates. When they weigh competing offers, group life insurance coverage could put you at the top of the list.

Making sure that your employees and, by extension, their families are protected in the event of a tragedy has many benefits. Group life coverage helps you take care of the people who take care of your business.


Retroactive Assistance for Liability Claims

The claims process for many liability insurance plans is limited to the reporting period for which the policy is written. Therefore, coverage could be extended to claims that are made within an active policy and denied if filed after the coverage period has expired. However, there are some industries or professions where claims may arise long after a policy has been active, leaving an individual or company responsible for the costs of resolution. Rather than take chances with this exposure, the team at recommends that those who purchase liability insurance strongly consider including prior acts coverage.

Understanding Prior Acts

Including prior acts in the policy allows claims to be made for insurable events even if the act occurred prior to the origination of the current policy. For example, a surgeon has just changed providers for his malpractice insurance. However, a claim arises from an incident that happened eight months ago. Prior acts coverage could allow the current policy to be retroactive in addressing the situation.  Insurance providers will usually establish a retroactive date that determines how far back coverage may be extended. Coverage areas may include:

  • Legal assistance cost
  • Actual or simply alleged negligence
  • Claims and damages
  • Personal injury

The extent of a policy’s terms and coverage is determined by need and what the provider allows. If you are in the process of switching providers, don’t forget to check on potential prior acts inclusion.


Get Insurance To Protect Your Staffing Agency From These Data Breaches

In the past decade, the cybercriminal has become more sophisticated in his or her ability to infiltrate almost any source of data and remove potentially sensitive information. Huge companies with monster firewalls have become the victims of security breaches, network thefts, and computer break-ins. This has led to many business owners asking about which of the following are common causes of breaches and what they can do about it.

Common Breaches

Although more companies are becoming educated in the signs of possible data breaches and security weakness, the attacks still happen every day.

Fighting back can be difficult because data breaches and cybercrimes are often a result of the following:

Misuse of private information
Physical actions such as theft
Mistakes and human error
Scanning malware attacks
Cyber hacking by criminals

No matter how the data breach occurs, it almost always takes the company by surprise and can result in damage to clients, related consumers, and the company itself.

Insurance Protection

To protect yourself from cyber-attacks and data breaches, get Staffing Security & Privacy Liability Insurance today. Not only will it protect your client’s information from criminal mischief, but you will also no longer need to ask yourself which of the following are common causes of breaches and how can I protect my clients. You can rest assured your insurance has your back if a cyber-criminal attacks your company.


Tips for Moving to Ridgewood

If you are interested in moving to a village chock-full of community parks, historical sites and natural preserves then Ridgewood, New Jersey may be the ideal destination for you. To make the most of your stay it is important to make some considerations before loading up that moving truck. If you plan on relocating, be sure that you are affairs are in order including finding insurance near Ridgewood to keep you covered.

Items for Your To-Do List

Adequate preparation beforehand can improve the likelihood of enjoying your new location by minimizing stress and helping you to focus more on the benefits of your new location shortly after you arrive. Some tasks that you can complete in advance include the following.

Preparing documents for the New Jersey DMV if you are moving from out of state or an international location.

Contacting real estate agents or doing online searches 2 research housing options Using job search engines to begin the application process for a new job if needed.

Joining community forums to get a better feel for your environment and neighbors and as a resource for local advice.

Moving anywhere new comes with challenges, but it can be worth it to find a new community you love which can improve your quality of life. Before making this major transition be sure certain tasks are squared away such as setting up insurance near Ridgewood and anything else you can do in advance. This way you can focus more on the benefits of your new home instead of the stress of moving.


Restaurant by the Bay

Opening a restaurant is an exciting endeavor. Even more exciting is the prospect of opening a restaurant along the coast. As beautiful as the view might be, educate yourself on the potential risks of this lovely piece of real estate. You don’t want your dream to come crashing down after a disaster.


First things first: pick a quality insurance agency that specializes in marina coverage. You might not own a boat, but being along the waterfront has risks of its own.

Flooding: High tides can result in unwelcome water making an appearance inside your property. Damages can be crippling, but a quality insurance agency can help.

Storm damage: When Mother Nature shows her fury, it can be powerful. Oceanside storms can cause property damage to windows, roofs and the structure as a whole.

Vessels: It’s unfortunate, but it happens: a badly steered boat can strike a building and cause serious damage. Being covered from these types of collisions can save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Seafood Quality

Know exactly where your food is coming from, and be meticulous in proper refrigeration policies. The numbers don’t lie: every year, 48 million Americans get sick from foodborne illnesses. Establish a good relationship with reputable vendors and have strict policies with staff involving storing and reheating food.

Only you can decide if the risk is worth the reward when buying beachfront property. Running a business by the sea can be beneficial, but knowing the risks ahead of time can make your decision easier.


Why Get Food Contamination Insurance


food contamination insurance

food contamination insurance

For the food and beverage industry, food contamination is a threat that can seriously harm a business. Whether the contamination is accidental or the result of malicious tampering, it can affect food manufacturers, processors, distributors, and even restaurants. Since it is estimated that one in six Americans will get food poisoning every year,food contamination insurance is vital to protect a business.


Insurance Options


Occasionally, some food contamination claims may be covered under business property or general liability insurance, but only with a favorable definition of ‘property’ and some good luck. In most cases, losses that result from spoiled or ruined food can only be covered with specialized food contamination policies.


Specialized Plans


Food contamination coverage can even be extended in some cases to include product recall insurance. Food recalls can seriously hurt a company if the business is not insured. In addition, specialized coverage for food spoilage might also be combined with contamination insurance.


Risk Management

In addition to insurance, risk management is a great idea for the food industry. Seeking advice on issues such as vendor agreements, risk transfer, food spoilage, food safety, and product liability is a good way to protect yourself and keep premiums low.


The best food insurance policies are specifically tailored for individual companies. Even though a produce processing plant and a local eatery both deal with food, they have very different needs. A quality food contamination insurance plan can provide the maximum amount of coverage for a minimum cost.


Every Veterinarian Needs Pet Insurance

As a veterinarian, you are responsible for taking care of furry, feathered, or slithering animals that are considered to be family members by many of their owners. Because you work so hard to help and heal sick and injured animals, it is important that you protect yourself from rare and unfortunate situations when you are not able to make everything all better. If you are ever unable to heal an injured animal, or if the owner of that animal is under the impression that you used the wrong treatment or medication on their pet, you could quickly find yourself facing an ugly lawsuit. Veterinary pet insurance in Pennsylvania can offer you monetary protection if you should ever find yourself in this type of situation.


Additional Types of Coverage


veterinary pet insurance in Pennsylvania

veterinary pet insurance in Pennsylvania

In addition to liability insurance, you should also make sure that you purchase veterinary pet insurance in Pennsylvania that also offers commercial property coverage. This will protect you if anything should happen to your equipment or your veterinary building. There is also a small possibility that some of the animals in your care might escape from your building or be stolen from your care by another individual. Without proper veterinary pet insurance in Pennsylvania, you could face severe monetary repercussions if this type of situation ever happens.


You work hard to heal and protect defenseless animals, so it is important that you also give yourself the protection that you deserve by purchasing a quality veterinary pet insurance policy.