Different Types of Insurance for Homeowners

If you’re a new homeowner you might not be familiar with homeowners insurance. People who have only had renters insurance might not realize the different types of coverage that you need as a homeowner.

Structural Coverage

The most important component of homeowners insurance is structural coverage. This coverage protects the physical structure of your home, such as the roof and walls.

Liability Protection

This coverage will help protect you if someone files a claim against you if they were injured inside your house or on your property. If you think your friends would never sue you, don’t forget that you will most likely have several service providers in your home. Service providers can include the cable company, plumbers and handymen. This coverage can also protect you if you (or your pets) cause damage to someone else’s property.

Personal Property Coverage

This coverage is similar to renters insurance, which covers your personal belongings in the event of an accident or theft. Most people don’t realize that this coverage generally protects your belongings even if they’re stolen or damaged of your property.

Additional Living Expenses

This coverage will pay for costs incurred if you can’t live in your house due to a natural disaster. It includes hotel and restaurant expenses.

You may also want to look into flood insurance, guest medical protection, and a personal umbrella policy to ensure you have the most coverage possible for your new home.


Storm Damage Recovery

There’s no time quite like spring. Not only because of the freshly-bloomed lilacs and roses, but also because of the unpredictable weather. No matter where you live, Mother Nature likes to throw temper tantrums in the springtime. These can be damaging and lead to costly repairs. If your home has encountered damage from a storm, know how to handle it.

Contact Your Insurance

Call your homeowner’s insurance immediately after the storm ends and you can safely assess any damage. If you live in a coastal state, chances are you’ve encountered your fair share of storm damage. Homeowner’s insurance in Connecticut, for example, probably gets these sorts of calls all too often. Living along the coast seems to infuriate Mother Nature most of all, but she doesn’t always discriminate. Whether you live in Iowa or have homeowners insurance in Connecticut, your insurer needs to know.

Be Careful

Proceed with caution when moving forward with any storm damage. If there is any electrical damage outside (like a telephone wire), DO NOT GO NEAR IT. Call your local fire department and alert authorities as soon as possible. Don’t allow children or pets to go near anything damaged by roping off the area. Children and animals are naturally curious beings, but you don’t want them to get hurt. Remind youngsters that the area is not safe and that they should not play there.

Exercise caution and safety after a big storm. Let your homeowner’s insurance play a part in repairing any possible destruction caused.


Protect Your New Home with a Reliable Insurance Policy

Owning a home is a wonderful accomplishment and a dream for many. There’s often a list of things that need to be done after purchasing a house, like figuring out moving expenses, renovations and what furnishings need to be bought. When you’re dealing with all of those pressing matters, selecting a homeowners insurance policy can fall by the wayside, but there are a number of reasons why it should be a top priority. If you’re spending your hard-earned money on a home and the many valuable possessions inside, the right insurance policy can help protect what is important to you. If you decide to purchase homeowners insurance, Babylon has many experienced agents waiting to help.

A basic policy should cover your home and your belongings, but it should also provide some liability coverage as well. It can be confusing to assess how much coverage you need just by looking through your house and possessions, which is where an insurance agent can be useful. They can help determine your risks and which valuable items, like expensive jewelry, may need a bit more protection. In the event that your property does become damaged, a good policy can help make sure reparations take place quickly. While researching homeowners insurance in Babylon, feel free to ask prospective agents about how their policies can protect you and the things you care about.