Protecting Against Dog Bites

Dogs are one of the most popular domesticated animals, providing protection, support and companionship. While there are hundreds of registered dog breeds ranging in shape and size, one thing remains consistent; that they all have the ability to utilize their bites like their wolf ancestors when needed. Thankfully, domestication has helped immensely in reducing the risk of violent behavior, though these animals are still able to bite when needed, for example, when provoked, threatened or on the defensive from a perceived threat. Because of this, dog owners should consider dog bite liability insurance in the event that their canine companion unexpectedly causes harm to other animals or people despite the animals intentions.

Why are Dog Bites so Harmful?

While a nip from a terrier might not seem as threatening as the 500psi bite of a Mastiff, dog bites have many consequences. Some of these include:

  • Painful, damaged skin or serious injury
  • Spread of infections such as MRSA or rabies
  • Introduction of harmful bacteria into the body such as Pasteurella, Capnocytophaga or TetanusHow to Prepare for Dog Bites

While it may be virtually impossible to predict every behavioral response of an animal, there are many things that can be done to prevent the harm caused by dog bites. First, it is advised to never aggressively approach an unfamiliar dog and always seek guidance from its owner. Dog owners can also take responsibility by purchasing dog bite liability insurance so that expenses resulting from their animals unforeseen behavior will be covered financially.