Understanding the Importance of Directors and Officers Insurance

Directors and officers insurance should be an integral part of every type of business’ risk management plan. In addition to protecting a company against considerable liability that could be created by a costly legal claim, it’s imperative that a company shield its individual officers from being faced with personal liability.

Safeguard Your Team Members

A management team and board sit at the operational core of any type of business whether it is a publicly-traded for-profit entity, a private company, or a nonprofit organization that serves a community. The decision-making exercised by these individuals is what drives all of a company’s operations, which is why they could be subject to liability for a variety of different claims including those related to employment practices, cyber liability, or mismanagement.

Get Professional Insight

D&O solution professionals can advise you about the intricacies of how a policy functions. They can help you evaluate your company’s needs based on the risk exposure associated with your company’s activities as well as the standards imposed by your internal governing documents.

Ultimately, individuals should be familiar with their company’s D&O insurance coverage applications so that they’ll understand their personal level of protection. If they’re concerned about deficiencies in protection, they should share their concerns with their team and work towards resolving them.



2 Key Risk Areas for Corporations

Everyday business relationships and management activities carry the same amount of risk as running a heavy piece of machinery or large construction vehicle. The nature of the risk is different, but there is an inherent risk just the same. Corporations, along with the directors and officers, often secure multiple insurance policies to help offset the costs of the liabilities these numerous risks pose. Management liability is the comprehensive term used to describe the variety of policies generally included in a corporate-need insurance package.

Directors and Officers Liability

With D&O insurance, the directors and officers of a corporation are personally protected from financial loss that could arise from litigation against the individuals. Should a client allege a wrongful act against a member of the board or stemming from the actions of the board, the insurance policy covers the cost of the defense and potential settlement awards. The finances of the individuals (s) accused aren’t personally jeopardized.

Fiduciary Liability

Any kind of supervision over an employee benefit plan and investment accounts is open to accusations related to fiduciary liability. Claims over negligence or wrongdoing with regard to disability benefits, profit sharing, medical or life insurance, and retirement plans can be taken care of through fiduciary coverage.

These two areas are key risks for corporations and overseeing management. Insurance coverage provides some financial protection, but risk management strategies should be in place to further reduce liability.