What Is Owned Auto Coverage? Do You Need It?

The world of business insurance is complex, and unless you work with a provider who commits to auditing your insurance needs and providing comprehensive coverage for all the areas of exposure in your operation, it can be hard to know you have all your bases covered. Even if you’re working with a provider who advertises comprehensive assessment, learning about the risk for yourself is vital to performing oversight on your policies, comparing quotes across providers, and identifying when future expansions will increase your insurance costs by adding new avenues of risk. Owned auto insurance is one vital area that affects companies in a lot of different industries, as explained by World Wide on their site.

Owned Auto Coverage Explained

When your company owns a vehicle, employees with the proper credentials may be tasked to drive it. This makes your insurance needs a little different from those of a family where one individual makes the vehicle purchase and a very limited range of regular drivers has access to it. Your coverage needs to include commercial liability protections that individuals do not necessarily need, as well as protections for injury to employees tasked with the use of the vehicle, as well as the basic liability coverage options needed for all vehicles. That’s why it’s important to work with a provider who really understands owned auto coverage and the different needs of small businesses with vehicles for a variety of uses.


Stay Safe While on the Road

Getting behind the wheel of a car is like rolling dice. No matter how cautious of a driver you might consider yourself, you’re always gambling a bit when you hit the road. To protect yourself and those in your vehicle, you need to consider the right auto policy for your needs. Before you seek help from organizations like Arroyo Insurance Services in Arcadia, you want to think about your coverage options and what services will benefit you most.

Explore Policy Options

All drivers in the United States are required by law to have a basic form of car insurance. Drivers can opt for more in-depth policies should they require them. The two biggest options you will be presented with are a collision and comprehensive coverage. There are advantages to both options, though neither are mandatory in most places.

Collision and Comprehensive

Collision pays for repairs caused by your vehicle to another object. This can include anything from another car to a fence. Comprehensive coverage protects your car in the event of an accident that doesn’t involve a collision. If your car is stolen, for example, and damaged before being recovered by authorities, a comprehensive option will help cover the costs of repair.
Taking out the right auto policy from organizations like Arroyo Insurance Services in Arcadia is important. Protect yourself while you’re behind the wheel and explore all of your coverage options.