The best insurance agency websites become the best by marketing to the type of audience that responds to their services. If you want your agency to rank higher in searches you need to do what is necessary to strengthen your position in the market. A good place to start might be to optimize your Google My Business profile. Google My Business is a Google-operated program that allows you to fill out completed information all about your agency.

This information is then used to learn more about your business and also determine how to help your agency rank better in search results. Make sure to provide accurate information to Google so that it will show up in search results. Give detailed information about your agency, making sure to use keywords you normally use, in order to improve your ranking. You may want to consider hiring an SEO (search engine optimization) company to help you get the best results.

Make sure that your contact form is working properly

You may actually be surprised to learn just how many sites have broken contact forms and the company doesn’t even realize it. Test it every now and then to ensure that it is functioning properly. It may seem hard to believe but contact forms have been known stop working due to a simple glitch, or as technology develops and changes. It’s more common than you might think for something like this to occur and it could wind up being quite costly to you.

Utilize your best assets by sharing your “Refer-a-Friend” page. Those people who follow your agency on Facebook are perhaps some of your most loyal customers and therefore more likely to refer others to your agency. It doesn’t hurt to share a link to the refer-a-friend page on your website every now and then. If you post enough times and alter the messaging from time to time you could even share your refer-a-friend page about once a month.

Did you know that Google might penalize sites for not being mobile-friendly? Consider the fact that a mobile visitor may be only a tap away from giving you a call to discuss a product that you offer. Your being mobile-friendly makes their job that much easier and could help lead to you becoming one of the best insurance agency websites.