There are several factors at play when building a staffing agency insurance policy. With so much risk involved, it’s vital that you have the necessary coverages for your company, internal employees and contractors. Here are three fundamental coverages that you should plan to include in your policy.

General Liability

General liability covers you in case a third-party suffers bodily injury or property damage because of your business. For staffing agencies, this may be a customer hurting themselves in your office or damaging their car in your parking lot. In such a situation, your policy would cover your legal fees as well as any expenses for which you’re found liable.

Professional Liability

Professional liability covers you in case a third-party claims that an error on your part led to them experiencing a loss. For staffing agencies, an example of this may be a client suing you because a contractor you hired is totally unqualified for the position. Like general liability, your policy would cover your legal fees and other associated expenses.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation covers your in-house employees and contractors in case of a workplace accident that leads to an injury, illness or death. Your policy would cover any legal or medical fees as well as lost wages. In case of death, your policy would be used to make payments to beneficiaries or covering funeral costs.

Finding staffing agency insurance on your own can get complicated. Work with an experienced agent who can simplify the process and help you find a policy to match your needs.