When you own a small or mid-size business, you need insurance to cover a variety of issues but may not have the money for an expensive policy. Lucky for you, business owners policies exist to give you protection from mishaps. BOP insurance in Carmel and throughout the United States can give you a bundle at an agreeable price, but what exactly do they cover? Have a look.

Liability Coverage

If someone’s person or belongings are injured on your company property, or due to flawed products, you may be at fault. Whether it’s caused by something an employee does or something your company fails to do, you can be sued for a substantial amount. Liability insurance will cover any litigation costs and money awarded to the plaintiff.

Property Protection

Flooding, fire and other catastrophes can cause substantial damage to your company’s property. BOP insurance in Carmel and other cities can cover equipment, physical structures, signs and more. A good insurance agent will help choose coverage to protect the items you have without paying extra for ones you don’t.

Business Interruptions Coverage

If a natural disaster does strike, you may be out of business while your property is rebuilt or restored. Insurance can cover expenses such as utility costs and your employees’ paychecks while you get back on your feet.

Business owners policies are an excellent way to bundle what you need and save money. They’re built with the small and mid-size business owner in mind and cover the gamut of bad situations.