Both non-profit and social service agencies face risks and liabilities that are unique to their operation. Often involving the cooperation of volunteers and participation of at-risk individuals, the insurance needs of these agencies can be complicated and present distinct challenges. Whether those risks come about because of actions on the part of volunteers or the dangers that workers face as they complete their duties, the right insurance plan, such as those offered through Care Providers, can provide needed protection so that work can continue.


In order to be sure that these agencies have the comprehensive insurance coverage that is most appropriate for their situation, non-profits and social service organizations should carefully review insurance providers that focus on their unique need.


When working with a qualified and experienced insurance provider, social service agencies and non-profit groups can enjoy some specific benefits. These begin with risk management tools and advice from the insurance provider. The benefits continue with helpful resources such as informative articles, newsletters, and more relevant publications. With the right tools and insurance protection, the service-oriented agencies can continue offering their services and improving the community.


The choice of an experienced and focused insurance company can improve the reach of those non-profit agencies and social service organizations at work in communities all over the country. With the expertise provided by companies, such as Care Providers, with a focus specific to the needs of these helpful groups, the powerful effect of volunteer work and social services can continue.