Driving without insurance can lead to severe fees, the loss of your license and registration, and financial trouble if you get into an accident and can’t pay for the expenses that follow. Avoid these consequences by obtaining a basic insurance policy. Tennessee car insurance has very minimal requirements, so it is recommended you acquire additional protection.

Your policy must contain liability for property damage and bodily injury sustained in a collision. The minimum for property damage is $15,000 per car accident. The minimum for bodily harm is $25,000 for every injury or death per car accident, with a total limit of $50,000.

You can go beyond these basic requirements and add extra protection in your policy. Collision coverage pays to repair vehicle damage caused by accidents. Comprehensive includes non-accident damages as well, such as those caused by extreme weather or theft. Uninsured and underinsured coverage protects you from motorists who don’t have sufficient or any car insurance. Medical coverage provides the finances needed to pay for medical bills if you get harmed in an accident. Rental car coverage extends your policy to encompass vehicles you rent. Other options include towing and glass repairs.

Work with your Tennessee car insurance provider to create the perfect policy for your needs. Then you can drive without worry knowing you have the right coverage no matter what situation you find yourself in.