Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), businesses that employ 50 or more people must offer insurance to their full-time employees. This number may include eligible temporary employees. Employee liability insurance provides protection for employers against errors, omissions, or wrong acts in the administration of those policies.

Enrollment Management

Adding, maintaining, and terminating employees and their families from benefits programs can be a big job. Companies that experience high turnover, or hire temp staff, will find this to be an even more significant challenge. Liability insurance provides coverage if errors or omissions result in the denial of legitimate claims.

Files and Records

Maintaining accurate, up-to-date files and records is a critical element of benefits management, since missing or incorrect paperwork can lead to delays in approval, denial of coverage, or delays in compensation. Here again, liability coverage provides protection for your business.

Explaining and Interpreting Benefits

Explaining and interpreting eligibility and benefits to employees, their families or their beneficiaries is one of the most complex parts of benefits administration. Errors, omissions, or wrong decisions in this part of benefits management can incur significant related costs.

Benefits administration is a complex field, made more difficult when administrators must handle high turnover or situations that call for extensive temp staff employment. Employee liability insurance protects businesses against the kinds of errors and omissions that can have serious financial consequences.