Business owners who find ways to reduce the environmental impacts of their operations appeal to the growing number of consumers who make decisions on where to spend their money based, at least in part, on how sustainable a company is. While it might seem challenging for laundromats to slide into this niche, there are several steps you can take to improve your ecological footprint.

Creating a Greener Laundering Service

There are three primary challenges to creating a greener laundry service:

  • Chemical usage
  • Energy consumption
  • Water use

Experts indicate that making changes in these three areas can reduce the environmental impact of a laundromat.

Taking the First Steps

Chemical usage is one of the greatest concerns for environmental safety in laundering facilities. Dryer sheets, detergents, and dry-cleaning agents all pose threats to water and air quality, as well as human and ecosystem health. Offering or using products that do not contain these toxic chemicals is one step you can take. Fortunately, these products are becoming more widely available.

The types of machines used in laundry facilities are primarily responsible for high water consumption and energy use. Making changes to your equipment can significantly improve your environmental footprint. Modern washing machines are available in models that require less water and power, yet get the job done just as well as those that are less efficient.

Taking just a few measures can greatly improve the sustainability of your laundry facility. You can do your part to take care of the environment while attracting more customers and saving money over the long term.