Moving into a new apartment can be an exhilarating experience, but don’t let yourself become blindsided and forget to protect your assets. While the landlord will have insurance to cover damages to the structure of their building, it does not cover personal belongings inside an apartment. For this, you will need to look for the best renters insurance in NJ. When researching insurance policies, there are three areas to focus on.

1.Protection of Personal Property

Everything you own within the walls of your apartment can be covered by renters insurance. In the case of vandalism, theft or fire, the policy can cover the cost of replacing:


While researching the best renters insurance in NJ, keep in mind that policies will not cover damage due to earthquakes, hurricanes or flooding.

2. Loss of Use

If an accident which makes your home unlivable until repairs can be completed, then renters insurance can cover costs associated with having to live elsewhere. Depending on your circumstances, this can include:

Travel expenses
Hotel Accommodations
Food expenses

3. Liability Coverage

Liability will cover expenses that may occur due to a negligent act on your part that causes bodily injury or property damage to someone else.
It is better to have too much protection instead of too little. Protect your assets by purchasing renters insurance that fits your needs.