New technology can make businesses more efficient and profitable, but it also brings new risks. Information is a valuable currency, and data breaches have become a real threat. They can end up being quite expensive to resolve. When you obtain Cyber Risk Insurance in Indiana, you’re taking proactive steps to protect your business from the financial fallout of cyber risks.

When a company experiences a cyber security incident like a data breach or network security breach, that company becomes responsible for the financial burden of resolving that issue. This means conducting an investigation to determine the cause of the breach and fixing any flaws in the system that allowed the breach to occur, or even implementing a new system if needed. And the bill doesn’t stop there—there’s also the cost of communicating with affected customers, potentially offering to cover the expense of credit monitoring services for vulnerable customers, and the funds designated to public relations to re-establish the public’s trust in the company. The total cost can be overwhelming, especially for smaller enterprises.

Cyber Risk Insurance in Indiana can help you mitigate the financial burden of a cyber security incident and allow you to focus on bolstering our security. You can optimize your policy with a variety of coverage, choosing what best suits your company’s needs. Protect your business from the financial strains of a cyber security incident with Cyber Risk Insurance.