New York property insurance, both personal and commercial, provides protection against property risks like fire, theft, vandalism and weather damage. Because different locales experience different weather conditions, coverage also exists for damage from flood waters, hurricanes or earthquakes as appropriate for your business location. In a nutshell, property insurance provides financial reimbursement for the loss of, or damage to, a structure and its contents. However, more specialized considerations come into play when designing the right commercial property coverage.

While most personal property insurance policies (homeowner’s insurance, for example) are fairly similar, commercial endeavors can have a wide variety of coverage needs. For instance, the restaurant, manufacturing and construction industries all require property insurance, but the items covered may be vastly different. Restaurants must have coverage for their building and for the equipment unique to the food service industry, while manufacturers must protect the cost of the machinery, the building and warehoused inventory. Heavy equipment, building materials and tools must be insured against loss in the construction business. Because business insurance needs are so diverse, it is vital that owners consult an agent or agency with expertise in commercial property insurance. Those looking for New York property insurance should choose an agency that provides extensive risk protection for a variety of businesses.