Small business owners work hard to grow their companies. If your company requests and maintains customer information, you must manage it properly. If you don’t, you may watch your hard work and financial investment go down the drain. With a privacy and network security liability policy, such as the one from Axis Insurance, you can likely protect sensitive customer data and protect your organization from lawsuits.

Modern Insurance for Modern Companies

Gone are the days when small business owners could avoid collecting customer data or retaining it a computer format. Nowadays, virtually every company collections customer financial, personal, health, and other sensitive information. If someone comprises your storage protocols, you could lose important data. Even worse, your customers may surrender both their privacy and their cash.

Insurance Protection for Computer Breaches

With the right liability policy from Axis, you can protect your small business from a variety of legal challenges. Policies usually cover damages related to the following areas:

  • Network security
  • Privacy breach response expenses
  • Business interruption and work stoppages
  • Regulatory penalties
    Network assets
    If your small business collects or stores customer data, you must do what you can to prevent its misuse. With a privacy and the network security liability insurance policy from Axis, you can help ward off costly lawsuits.