With the Baby-Boom generation preparing to retire, the number of nursing facilities is going to mushroom, and with that growth, an increase in nursing home malpractice cases are sure to follow suit. Nursing homes that are not prepared for this onslaught may find themselves unable to cope with the lawsuits and care for their residents at the same time. Consider the following:


  • Reports of abuse and neglect among nursing home residents tops 7%.


  • The vast majority of nursing homes are understaffed, with a significant decrease in nurse assistant’s hours.


  • For-profit nursing homes have been cited at a far higher rate than non-profit nursing homes.


  • The most common cause of injuries and accidental deaths in nursing homes are falls, which are often preventable.


  • Brain hemorrhaging and fractured limbs are the most common injuries from falls.


  • Upwards of 20% of American nursing homes have been cited for neglect leading to bedsores.


  • Over 36% of nursing homes have at some time violated laws designed to protect the elderly.


  • Only about 15% of the elder abuse that occurs in nursing homes is reported to the authorities.


Protect yourself from damage of nursing home malpractice suits and help your residents at the same time by maintaining proper insurance coverage, including general liability, violation of residents’ rights and medical director protection. Contact your insurance agent to assess your needs and determine appropriate coverage so you do not get caught unprepared.