If you own an establishment that serves alcohol, you have a different set of risks than other business owners. While most companies have insurance to cover liability claims, you should go that extra step to protect your business with bar liquor liability. Understanding what this specialty insurance can do for you can help you decide the best level of coverage for you.

Protecting Your Patrons

General liability policies typically cover injuries on the premises, but alcohol can complicate things. Serving and selling liquor at your business leaves you vulnerable for incidents that occur on and off property. Without bar liquor liability coverage, you could be responsible for damages that could jeopardize your business.

Protecting Yourself

Patrons may make poor decisions if they are intoxicated. They can start fights, drive under the influence, or otherwise injure themselves or others. Even when these actions were not directly caused by you or your staff, you could be liable if your establishment provided the alcohol that led to their judgment impairment.

Legal Protection

Any time a claim enters the court system, you may have legal expenses. The fees can add up and destroy your company financially, even if you are liable. Bar liquor liability can help you with the legal costs associated with lawsuits.

Do not leave your bar, inn, or tavern to chance. Talk to your insurance agent about reviewing your coverage and adding bar liquor liability if you do not have it. It may just be the smartest business decision you make.