If your company produces their own products, you may be at risk from lawsuits and claims when a customer is injured by one of your products. Product liability insurance provided by a wholesale commercial lines brokerage or specialty commercial insurance company can help protect your business from financial loss due to third-party injury or damage from your products. Even if your product was simply used improperly, it can still result in a lawsuit claiming your business is liable for the medical costs, business loss, and any compensatory damages for injury or damages due to improper usage.

Commercial product liability insurance can protect manufacturing businesses not only from the cost of the injury or damage but also from the legal fees it may take to defend against a lawsuit. The coverage limits of product liability insurance can generally be set by the insured business, though it may be recommended to purchase higher levels of coverage for companies which produce many products or many different product lines. Product liability insurance is usually offered on an occurrence basis, which covers injuries or damage which happen only during the policy period. Consulting a commercial insurance provider or wholesale commercial lines brokerage may help you determine if your business needs product liability insurance and how much coverage might protect your business from loss due to injury or damage from your products.